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Want to heal your life and be your best Fit version?

My FIT HEALING PROGRAM helped me heal my life from abusive relationships. Now, abusive relationships are not only with a significant other. You can suffer abuse from YOURSELF, a parent, a sibling, a co-worker or a friend. I was abusing myself by staying in this toxic lifestyle and my entire life was severely affected (read My Story to learn more).

This program contains all the tools I used to heal my life. It is composed of My Fit Healing Journal (mental health), workout and nutrition plan, and self-development tools. My Fit Healing Journal is a very in depth journal that I used to shift my toxic feelings and pain out of my body and heal my emotional wounds. I was able to heal my childhood wounds, without intending too and consequently I healed my abuse-trauma from my relationships. I help you connect the dots and heal your trauma, while getting healthy and fit!!  You will find your best Fit version of yourself that you lost along the way.

Why My Fit Healing?

Since I began my healthy journey 3 years ago, I decided to only focus on positive and constructive things to help me become a better person. I did not want to fall into going out clubbing, drinking, or binge eating, which for me are negative behaviors that will prevent you from healing. I started thinking, “I’m healing my life in a healthy way, so is like “My” very own “Fit” Healing”  The word “My” comes from the idea that this will be your “own” story, therefore when you say it, you will feel it as part of you.  “Fit” comes from how I used fitness & nutrition to help me.  Healing comes from the actual process of recovering from your hardship and helping you find your best Fit version of healthy!  


I wanted to make this a huge thing, but didn’t know how. I struggled integrating how I healed from abuse into my already established fitness online presence. Then, I thought, “Well, I have been using fitness and nutrition to heal, now I have to share the mental aspect of this journey and how I healed.” This is how My Fit Healing Program and Movement were born.


Check my Interview about My Fit Healing Program/Movement here! Is in Spanish.


Why My Fit Healing Movement?

I want this to grow as a movement to help women find their own Fit Healing journey!   I want a community of “Fit Healers” to come together and support each other’s journeys.  I want to expand this and allow women to find their own personal story, voice and journey, while feeling support from all the Fit Healers.  This is your own “My Fit Healing Story!”  

Healing from abuse is a hard thing to do alone.    In the process of my own healing, I discovered there is an “addiction” part behind why “we fall for abusers.”   I will help you discover why in your process. Recovering from addictions is hard alone.   You will not be alone on this journey!  You have me and you will have friends that are going through a similar process.

Join the movement by staying connected with me and learn the tools to heal your life for once and for all!  Let’s do this together.  I want to walk beside you in your journey!

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