3 Tips for Coping with Emotions before Uterine Fibroid Surgery & Ovarian Cyst Surgery

As I sit here typing this post, I’m a few hours of going into surgery to remove my 8cm Uterine Fibroid Tumor and Endometrioma Cyst in my left ovary.  (Read here how I lost my right ovary).  I’d like to think of myself as a very resilient woman.  Afterall, I’ve already dealt with a similar situation, an emergency ovarian cyst surgery in 2006.  I want to give you 5 Tips for Coping before Uterine Fibroid Tumor Surgery, or for that matter any surgery in general.  Many people don’t know how to deal with their emotions, they are afraid, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, and the list goes on and on.

At my age, I’ve dealt with pretty hard rock-bottom life-changing situations that I know see as happening for my own good, to make me stronger, to make me grow into my best version and to teach me a lesson.  I feel I can share some nuggets of wisdom if you are dealing with a similar situation right now.  These tips have helped me raise my vibration, cope with emotions, become tougher and to embrace my problems or hardships to see them on a positive note, instead of being negative and bitter.

3 Tips for Coping with Emotions before Uterine Fibroid Tumor Surgery (or any surgical procedure)

Tip 1: See this as happening for YOU, not to you. 

The Universe is trying to teach you a lesson.  Be open to hearing its whisper.  I used to get too mad at things happening to me and kept blaming everything and everyone.  It only kept me small.  I didn’t think it was fair so many ‘bad’ things happened to me and that kept me with a toxic mindset.  When I started my spiritual and law of attraction journey, I learned that we attract what we are.  I was attracting a cluster of negative circumstances and most could have been avoided if I had only worked on my mindset.  Well, last week of December, when I found out about my Uterine tumor and ovarian cyst in my only ovary left, I was mad, couldn’t believe it and felt it wasn’t fair.  Why again? I kept asking myself.  Well, I’m so blessed that I have such a great awareness of my thoughts because I caught myself immediately on that old-negative-thought-pattern.  Immediately I said, “this is happening FOR me, not TO me.”  The Universe and God brought me this situation because it’s meant to bring me a positive result, awareness, make me stronger, teach me a lesson or help me bring awareness to other women.  I kept asking and trying to find ‘the reason why” I was dealing with this.  I meditated and I felt so much better.  I understood that it was to bring me awareness to myself to take better care of my body, my reproductive health, and stress.  It was to make me aware that my health is more important than nothing else.  See, I didn’t go get my yearly pap-smears or get checked because I lost my health insurance after my corporate job.  I pretty much didn’t take care of my reproductive health and this was a wake-up call.  I see it as a lesson learned and now all I can do is thank the Universe and God for bringing awareness that health is always number 1, no matter how much it costs.

Tip 2: Honor your pain and what you are going through.

Most of us don’t want to feel the ‘pain’ again and even worst, analyze it.  Why would anyone want to re-live painful situations?  I always avoided it and that kept me unhealed for so many years.  My life changed when I honored my pain and digged deep to heal my subconscious emotional pain.  It completely changed my life.  I’d sit with my emotions, emotional pain and dissect it so much to get to the root cause.  I’d ask myself what’s really hurting me?  Why is this hurting me so much? What situation in childhood resembles this feeling of pain?  or I’d just try to feel my exact emotions without judgment.  Don’t judge yourself.  It is normal to feel sad, depressed, stressed, anxious, angry or anything in regards to your medical or health issue.  It is okay to not be okay.  You are a human and have the right to have emotions and emotional pain.  But, it is also your right to have a deep understanding of your emotions so you can ‘control’ them and redirect them in a positive way.  For me, I did cry.  I sat in my meditation corner, put my binaural wave meditation music, lighted up incense, held my crystals, my candles out, and closed my eyes.  I just let it all go and I cried and cried because of course, I am afraid of losing my reproductive organs.  I took myself through my healing meditation to shift pain out of my body and then I journaled all I felt.  It felt so good to just let it out in the paper.  I felt released, free, lighter and better.  I felt now I can go to Action Plan B and start looking at the big picture.

I recommend to sit with your pain, become familiar with it and own it.  Own that you are human and have emotions and include some of my rituals I do to feel the pain.

Here are a few ways I sit with the pain for Coping with Emotions before Uterine Fibroid Tumor Surgery

  • Journal
  • Personal Growth and Personal Development
  • Affirmations, I am statements and Mantras
  • Mirror Work saying affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Incense
  • Crystals for healing health and emotions
  • Essential oils for healing emotional health
  • Energy healings meditations to shift pain out of body
  • Self-Inquiry

Tip 3: Don’t stay in victim status or low vibe.  Be High Vibe

Many times we dwell on our misery and misfortune and stay stuck in this “poor little me” mindset.  Trust me, I’ve done that way too much in my past.   I kept dwelling on the what “ifs’ or “should’ve,” “would’ve,” “I wish I had…” and all other scenarios that kept me in the same mentality, preventing me from taking responsibility for my life, emotions and positive action.  I kept making excuses as to why this wasn’t fair.  Well, this only kept me at a low vibration, you know feeling sad, depressed, unmotivated, low energy, anxious, stuck in a negative mindset, and others, and prevented me from taking responsibility for my part.  By that I mean, empowering yourself to take your power back and be a Thriver, not a Victim.  Once I made the mindset switch and decided I’d make the best out of this situation, I will make this situation empowering, not defeating, and I will not allow this to keep me small and victim.  I will use this to make me better and find the reason why this is happening FOR me.  I simply felt empowered and strong.  I know, what I’m facing is not easy and maybe what you are dealing with isn’t’ either, but for one moment try to take your power back and get on a high vibration.  When we are in a high vibration we attract better feelings, situations, people and our lives are better.  You attract what your thoughts are.  The more high vibe, empowered and stronger you are, the better quality of life you will have.  If you stay in a victim mentality, you will attract more things that will keep you in that state.  Given your health issue, you can’t afford to have more stress and emotional pain in your body.  Trust me, emotional pain gets manifested as physical ailments.

Here are a few things I do daily to stay high vibration, watch video 7 Tips to help you raise your vibration and energy.

  1. Find the reason why you are feeling low vibe
  2. Journal
  3. Mediate, sage, crystals, essential oils
  4. Affirmatiions, mantras and I am statements
  5. Shower Mediation and Get dolled up
  6. Podcast for motivation and setting a positive mindset
  7. Eat healthy and move your body

If you want more motivation, I have this video How I got to be so resilient during any hardship or bad time.


I made this post with love and making you see the bigger picture.  Often times our struggles are blessings in disguise.

If you found any of my tips or mindset useful, Id love to hear your feedback.

Have you  implemented any of my tips?

What do you do to cope with hard life situations?


Mary Miranda


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